Here we see a old traditional flat felt roof spanning over three homes.

Each home had a several leaks in different parts of the roof.

The felt had slumped and pooled and was holding quite large amounts of water which didnt run off the roof like its supposed to.

The main problems on this project were

  • The roofs poor flat pitch which kept water on the roof in large amounts.
  • stripping the felt back in november/december weather and ensuring the properties below remain dry.
  • leaking stacks.

We are the experts in keeping homes dry during the work process and our project design manager created a proposal to create a brand new profile pitch spanning across all 3 roofs - in the shape of a shallow apex.

The new features of this roof include.

  1. New apex profile for water run off.
  2. new 1 inch deep valley gutters either side of the roof.
  3. new grp trims for a great finish.
  4. new 18mm osb roofing boards.
  5. new 18mm osb roofing boards around parapit wall.
  6. all stacks sealed properly with no seams.
  7. new 600 gram per m2 fibreglass csm reinforced in polyester roofing resin with a grey topcoat finish - seamless and guaranteed for 30 years.

The roof now?

  • The roof is now water tight.
  • seamless.
  • no water sits on it what so ever.
  • looks great.
Know the facts

At R&D Fibreglass Roofing we offer a nationwide service, we have previously done work across the UK and no matter the size of the project R&D can help!

At R&D Fibreglass Roofing upon taking any form of project on we will take all the worry out of the procedure for you and make sure we are fully prepared with all materials and relevant equipment to make sure your project is the highest quality with no hassle to yourself. The installation process will be professional and efficient and after the installation is complete your premises will be tidied and we will dispose of all waste in an enviromentally friendly way.