Fibreglass Bay Windows and Porches

Due to the recession a few years ago and the rising prices for valuable scrap metal - A sharp increase of valuable metal theft has hit the nation.


The victims are normally owners of bay windows and porches which have lead on them.


we can replace lead or copper bay window and porch roofs with our fibreglass solution and hand you your materials back so you can gain the scrap value


The benefit being is that our fibreglass solution will outlast the previous roofingsystem and will not attract thieves. The roof will be fully sealed and will never leak again and on top of that we can colour match the previous copper or lead so you wont even tell the difference.


Once complete 

The roof will be sealed and of no interest to theives because fibreglass has no value in a scrap yard. 


If you are interested in our fibreglass bay windows and porches service and require more information please call our friendly team on 07808871528  or Email or fill out a contact form  for a free quotation.

Know the facts

At R&D Fibreglass Roofing we offer a nationwide service, we have previously done work across the UK and no matter the size of the project R&D can help!

At R&D Fibreglass Roofing upon taking any form of project on we will take all the worry out of the procedure for you and make sure we are fully prepared with all materials and relevant equipment to make sure your project is the highest quality with no hassle to yourself. The installation process will be professional and efficient and after the installation is complete your premises will be tidied and we will dispose of all waste in an enviromentally friendly way.